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Cephalon, Inc. was an American biopharmaceutical company co-founded in 1987 by pharmacologist Frank Baldino, Jr., neuroscientist Michael Lewis, and organic chemist James C. Kauer—all three former scientists with the DuPont Company. Baldino served as Cephalon's chairman and chief executive officer, until his death in December 2010. The company's name comes from the adjective "cephalic" meaning "related to the head or brain", as it was established primarily to pursue treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

On August 1, 2009, a Cephalon former employee wrote a review about the company on the GLASSDOOR website:

"Cons: Deep-rooted corruption from the top-down. Political views pushed during corporate venues, much political in-fighting, lacking in true leadership abilities, and not a good place for growth. Let your company get purchased, and get rid of the executive board. The deadwood at the top needs to be shaken loose."


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Small Company With Large Corporate Politics says

"Deep rooted corruption from the top-down. Political views pushed during corporate venues, much political in-fighting, lacking in true leadership abilities, and not a good place for growth."

Former Employee - Sales Specialist says

"trainers and management were a joke"


"Future uncertain due to pending merger and loss of CEO Lots of politics, infighting, & backstabbing...cliques One-way, need to know communication platform"


"Poor Management and unstable environment"


"poor sneior management silo mentality very compliance focused- no innovation over aggressive acquisition strategy lack of other strategy"

Clinical Manager says

"too many to list..just go find a job somewhere else. everyone left here are the dreads of the earth and can not behired outside of here, hence they have no other option but to stay....people that leave are viewed as traitors..."


"Excellence is not rewarded at Cephalon and in fact, if you pursue excellence too much it may actually hinder your career at Cephalon, where it is more important to not make waves rather than to get the job done well or even get the job done at all"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No opportunity to do anything other than your niche function. Large disconnect between senior management and the workforce. Constant emails from corporate responding to the media, politics, and investigations into the company started making things seem shady. Cliques weren't bad when I started but in two years they were bad enough that I decided to leave. One group had problems with sexual harassment, screaming matches between PhDs and line workers. If you leave, the company will never rehire you."

Manager says

"Many people got laid off seemingly at random. Also, many smart, talented employees were bored to tears given that they weren't engaged."


"Leadership is needs to be cleaned up"

Professional Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"• Increased sales of four products across a diverse product portfolio including, cardio vascular, erectile dysfunction , anti-biotic and asthma• Largest share change of Avelox over a consecutive time period• Worked closely with other Schering sales teams to increase product sales and effective budget spending• Recruited heavily for speaker programs driving attendance of key targets• Regular lunch/breakfast meeting to discuss the features/benefits of products and gain understanding of key prescribers• Pull through of managed care, expert in prior authorizations• Consistently received positive feed back on field reports• Employment ended due to company re-organization"

Responsable du pôle Recherche des Procédés (Former Employee) says

"Cette société n'existe plus. Les productions ainsi que la recherche de nouveaux principes actifs ont été abandonnées en France."

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